Pre-Startup Incubator Is Entrepreneur's Cradle

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We believe talent and innovation can be fostered with right knowledge and approach, success can be built from experience or failure, idea can be inspired by case study or found in dedicated practice, business plan can be polished with mentoring, product can be designed by working together with right team…. all you need is to get helps from those complementary elements or parts that you lack.  That is what our FITS program does.

So, if you are not a talent yet, you never have business experience before, you don’t have an idea or you don’t know whether your idea works or not, you didn’t get through seed/angel funding with many times of pitching, you don’t have partners or a team to build your prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) etc. if you feel frustrated by these pain points while either to begin or to embark on your start-up. Here is the right place for you.

Dispelling those pain points which are stopping you from a startup dream is our mission. We have a unique, meticulously designed pre-startup incubator program tailored for those who want to go startup or struggling in initial stage of going to startup. We know what you are missing, we either have or know how to get you those complementary parts and missing parts to complete your startup dream. You will be assured when you graduate from our program that you will have every thing ready such as idea, team, MVP, business plan etc. and be full of confidence to pitch your dream to investor.


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There are too many incubators available today, however, 95% of them are selective based on either your pitch or your ready team + MVP,  few of them can be selective based on your talent or edge or academic achievement…

The reality is 90% of people who have startup dream are not that top 10% of population born to be a talent or an entrepreneur, so we see many of them are left out of helps either by trying too many round of pitching without success or by trying too hard alone to get idea, team, pitch, MVP every thing ready. We also know that none of these should be a factor disqualifying you from being an entrepreneur, you just need some helps before going to fundraising, and we are willing to help you!

Our program is an exclusive program in Singapore providing pre-pitch, pre-MVP, pre-team, pre-idea incubation. The program will help those entrepreneur dreamers who has strong determination and right prowess to embark on a startup, from no idea or idea only phase to fundraising ready phase, with one on one, step by step mentoring approach to make their dream coming true.


Shared and On-demand Engineering Support

FITS program has developed a comprehensive methodology to generate early stage idea and pre-incubation products.


We’re looking for the best potential founders to join us. You don’t need a team to apply. If you want to build something ambitious

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • MVP and Project Incubation

  • Shared development resources

  • Startup partner and internship recruitment

  • Resource and innovation link to universities and research institute

Get Hands On With Pre-Incubation

Technology commercialization and industrialization

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“Big Data Analytics As-a-Service” using Apache Hadoop, NoSQL Database and R (and other key Big Data components)


Open source technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL and PHP (LAMP and WAMP)

Reusing and customizing various open source frameworks and solutions and realize your dream


We help you as an individual to meet your co-founder and develop an idea

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Companies founded on our circle solve practical problems using commercialised applications of unique and cutting-edge technology such as AI, data analytic and robotic

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